Frühjahresseminar der DCG mit Dr. Russ Hornstein vom 24.02.2024 bis 25.02.2024 (= 2 Tage)

24.02.2024 - 25.02.2024 (= 2 Tage)
Teilnahmegebühr externer Teilnehmer: 500,00 Euro

Samstag 09:00- 18:00 Uhr
Sonntag  09:00- 14:00 Uhr
Wir freuen uns Dr Russ Hornstein für das Frühjahresseminar der DCG in Braunschweig vorstellen zu dürfen.
### Transform Your Chiropractic Practice with the 'Adjusting to Neutral' Technique Course!

🌟 **Discover the Art of Precision Adjusting** 🌟

Join us for an enlightening weekend that dives deep into the world of ideal biomechanics. Unravel the complexities of how trauma impacts the synchronized control of reflexive and voluntary muscles, leading to joint position errors, altered biomechanics, and a cascade of related complications.

🔍 **Master the Skill of Vector Identification** 🔍

This course empowers you with the ability to pinpoint the specific vector where a joint shows weakness. You'll learn to decode the intricate patterns of compensation and apply the groundbreaking 'Adjusting to Neutral' technique to effectively address these issues.

💥 **Revolutionary HVLA Technique with a Twist** 💥

'Adjusting to Neutral' stands out as a pioneering HVLA technique that addresses joint biomechanical problems without the need for end-range loading, yet still produces that satisfying audible release. This technique enables you to fine-tune your adjustments within the normal range of motion, precisely targeting muscle tension imbalances in the deep intrinsic muscles. The result? Joints that are not just corrected, but left more stable and capable of maintaining ideal motion.

🧠 **Rooted in Functional Neurology, Accessible to All Chiropractors** 🧠

While 'Adjusting to Neutral' is firmly grounded in Functional Neurology principles, it's designed to be accessible and applicable for chiropractors of all backgrounds. Our course will guide you through the process of identifying unstable joint motions and equip you with the techniques to resolve them effectively.

### What's in Store for You?

- In-depth exploration of biomechanical function
- Practical skills to assess and correct joint weaknesses
- Hands-on experience with the 'Adjusting to Neutral' technique
- Expert guidance on resolving muscle tension imbalances
- Techniques rooted in Functional Neurology, tailored for chiropractic practice

### Transform Your Practice, Enhance Your Skills

Embrace this opportunity to elevate your chiropractic techniques, offering your patients a more nuanced and effective approach to joint and muscle health. 'Adjusting to Neutral' is more than a technique; it's a paradigm shift in chiropractic care.
Das Seminar findet am Health Campus Braunschweig GmbH statt.
Fallersleber-Tor-Wall 21, 38100 Braunschweig
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