EnglishLounge with Stefania Abbondi am 10.03.2021


“Leipzig Opera - How to manage artists and staff in a lockdown and how the music panorama will change after corona” 

"Leipzig. Where music sets the tone. Music is always a mixture of tradition and zeitgeist. especially in Leipzig. For over 800 years, Leipzig has breathed music....“ Now with the lockdown especially the business sector „culture“ is in turmoil. Musicians, artists, management, but as well many connected services worry about there future in Leipzig and anywhere else. 

Stefania Abbondi is right in the centre of all of that, being a performing musician at the Opera Leipzig and at the same time in charge of international cooperations there. At the English Lounge she will share her views on the current situation, but give as well an outlook on the future. 

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Ressort Internationales & Kultur
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Stefania Abbondi