JCI Europe Live: JCI meets Journalism am 22.04.2021

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JCI Europe Live is back for its third edition in 2021! In this session on 22nd April, we will explore what happens when JCI meets Journalism. In order to do that, we invited a number of guests:
- Argenis Angulo
- Christine Schmitt
- Kilian Hein
- Jonas Christoffersen
They will share:
- Why did they start their projects and activities?
- How are their projects and activities working?
- What is JCI's role in this and how can members get active or benefit?
The session will be moderated by the JCI EDC Councillors Heidi Pedersen and Markus Behmann.
Just as we did in the past sessions, we will go live in the JCI Europe members group and on the JCI Europe page.

Link zur Veranstaltung: