VDD-Seminar: Inkjet - Filtration und Entgasung von Tinte am 17.05.2018

Technische Universität Darmstadt, 64289 Darmstadt, Magdalenenstr. 2, Raum 211
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Michael Mehler, Pall GmbH Microelectronics
Dr. Alexander Wannenwetsch, UMS GmbH

Der Inkjetdruck ist ein filtrationsintensives Verfahren.  Die Auswahl der richtigen Filtrationstechnologie macht den Unterschied zwischen Erfolg und Versagen eines Inkjetdrucksystems. Herr Mehler referiert über die Filtration und Entgasung von Inkjet-Tinte, Herr Dr. Wannenwetsch referiert über die Sauerstoffmessung der Inkjet-Tinte im Labor und online im Drucksystem.

Michael Mehler: Filtration und Entgasung von Tinte

Filtration and degasification are key technology requirements for digital printing. Finer resolution and higher printing speed as well as changing ink chemistries and substrates are the challenging factors of today. Controlling of further parameters like dissolved oxygen become more important. This presentation will provide an overview of the filtration and degassing methodology and technology on board of digital ink jet printers, including specific product type recommendations and how to ensure keeping parameters under control.

Bio: Michael Mehler earned his diploma degree in Chemical Engineering at Fachhochschule Frankfurt in 1984. The same year he began working at Pall Corporation in different market areas and functions, the graphic arts industry is part of his work since 1995. He currently serves as a Senior Account Manager and market specialist for the graphic arts industry.

Dr. Wannenwetsch: Sauerstoffmessung der Tinte

Advantage of DO-measurement in the lab and online on board of the printer. Fast printing heads demand precise conditioning of ink. A low dissolved oxygen level is one of the major characteristics of an appropriate conditioned printing ink. For 15 years, UMS has been offering proven and easy to handle oxygen sensors and meters for the printing industry. The presentation will show some measuring tools and will explain how to use them.

Bio: Alexander Wannenwetsch studied Medicine and Dentistry in Erlangen and Berlin in 1980 – 1988. After his doctorate, he started to build Wannenwetsch Hydrodemolition company which is still a market leader in its field. In 1995, he founded UMS company. From the beginning, the focus was on developing and producing oxygen measurement tools. He reached the breakthrough for UMS with designing the micro oxygen sensor in 1997. Currently he serves as CEO of UMS.

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