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Daniel Besser / 15.12.2014

2nd International Annual GSCN Conference

The new Active President of the GSCN Andreas Trumpp is happy to invite you to the  2nd International Annual GSCN Conference from November 3rd – 5th, 2014 in the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg.

New scientific working group founded

During the 1st GSCN Members Convention Ingo Röder (Technical University Dresden) introduced the new Scientific working group  Computational Stem Cell Biology. GSCN members can log in the GSCN members area and can become group member of this working group (please click on the buttons “Profile” and “My interests” and choose the working groups you would like to contribute in).

1st Annual GSCN Conference was a great success

The 1st Annual Conference of the GSCN from November 11th - 13th, 2013 in Berlin was with 400 participants, 240 submitted abstracts and 19 exhibitors an overwhelming success. The participants, GSCN members and the speakers and chairs as well as the participating companies unanimously gave a positive feed-back about the event.

Berlin: Konferenz der Stammzellforscher
Scource:  www.biotechnologie.de, 13.11.2013

Erste Jahreskonferenz des Deutschen Stammzellnetzwerkes
Interview mit Volkart Wildermuth (Audio Datei, 4:30 min)
Scource:  www.dradio.de, 12.11.2013 

German Stem Cell Network e.V.

Since September 25th, 2013 the GSCN is a registered association at the “Amtsgericht Charlottenburg”.  The register number for the GSCN e.V. is: VR 32698 B. Please find the registered statues here  Statute and rules

Ulrike Papra / 20.11.2013