Singers' 3rd Rehearsal Autumn/Winter 2022 on 05 October 2022

Halle 1 : Einstein Kultur, Einsteinstr. 42, 81675 Munich

Dear ESME singers and potential ESME singers,

in order to plan the participants according to the venue capacity we will plan the first 4 rehearsals (incl. Kick-off) as events to sign up to. Mid of October we will have auditions for newbies and then go back to the normal rehearsal attendance for members. 

For existing members: please only sign up if you really intend to come on the date indicated, because like that we give more newbies the chance to sneak in. As soon as you've been in one of the first 4 rehearsals and collected your music you count as "active". If you don't show up until mid of October I will assume you are sitting out.

For newbies: sign up if you are interested and really intend to come. Make sure you can attend the first rehearsals to find out whether we fit to each other. After 3-4 rehearsals you will have an audition (around mid of October) to become an official member. We can take on several new members, but also have a cap at 53 singers in total.



Hosted by:
40_Ensemble Singers
Claudia Winkler