Subject:ESME e.V.-Erinnerung: Big Band Open Rehearsal am 21.11.2019
Date:20.11.2019 08:59:54
Sender:Elaine Cole <>
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Hallo Elaine,

ich möchte an folgende Veranstaltung erinnern, die am 21.11.2019 stattfindet:
"Big Band Open Rehearsal "

Ort: Einstein Kulturzentrum, Einsteinstr. 42, 81675 München

Zeit: 20:30 - 22:30


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Viele Grüße,
Elaine Cole
089 45451604

Dear ESME members,
as the Big Band will not be performing at Schloß Nymphenburg, we would like to still give you the opportunity to come along an listen to us before we disappear into the Winter break (somewhat earlier than you guys this year!)
So - we will be doing a full run-through of our programme for the Irish Business Network Charity Ball which we are playing on 23rd November. We want to do this in the form of an open rehearsal - so open to any members of ESME and their friends if you would like to bring someone along too. We will have drinks there (on a "we trust you to put the money in the piggy-bank" basis and will not be charging entry, but will take donations which we will pass on in full to Amnesty International, the charity to which the proceeds of the ball are also going to.
Please note - this is not a public event so please no posting to social media or spreading around in general. It is in Halle 1 and we will leave space in front of the tiered seating for anyone wishing to get up and have a dance!
We have put in a registration list so we can gauge how many people are going to be coming (also to decide how much drink to buy...), so we would be really grateful if you would give us an indication! (Plus there is a maximum number of people we can fit in Halle 1)... so please fill this out.
We hope to see many of you there!
With love,
your Resident Aliens