Subject:ESME e.V.-Erinnerung: AGM Annual General Meeting Jahresversammlung am 03.03.2018
Date:24.02.2018 08:37:56
Sender:Genevieve Cory <>
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Liebe Vereins-Mitglieder und Vereins-Interessenten,

ich möchte Euch an folgende Veranstaltung erinnern, die am 03.03.2018 stattfindet:
"AGM Annual General Meeting Jahresversammlung"

Ort: KreativGarage: Rosa-Aschenbrenner-Bogen 9, 80797 München

Zeit: 13:30-16:00


Weitere Informationen dazu findet Ihr im Internet:
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Viele Grüße,
Genevieve Cory

Hiya folks,
Below and in the enclosed, official PDF is an updated Agenda. More items can be added by members up to two weeks before the AGM, just send them to!
There will be free beer as well as non-alcoholic drinks and elections for Chair, Treasurer, Artistic Manager, and Auditor! The board will also be presenting the results of the Audience and Member surveys and floating the idea of a Vereinsheim, but the official business comes first. Continued informal discussion will be welcome at Rigoletto once our rented time is up.
Preregistration is not necessary but would help us know how much beer to buy...

Yes, it's fine to come along and vote even if you can't be there right at 13:30. We just need you to sign the attendance sheet before you leave - it goes to the notary.



Vote on the leader of the assembly (if necessary)

Vote on the scribe for the assembly (if necessary)

Approval of the agenda

Reports of the Board members

Financial reports—Treasurer and Auditor

Approval of the budget management

Approval of the work of the board

Election of a person to oversee the election

Election of Chairperson

Election of Treasurer

Election of Artistic Manager

Election of Auditor

Other business

Ensemble Reports

Big Band



Bylaw updates to make them consistent with current practice (fees, rehearsal times)

Results of Audience and Member Surveys

Suggestion: Changing notice period to two weeks to the end of each calendar year

Suggestion: acceptable proof for reduced membership fees? Student registration or proof of registered as unemployed, board discretion still allowed

Question: Should we work towards a clubhouse / Vereinsheim?

Reading and approval of the meeting minutes

Proposals from members must reach the board in writing no later than 14 days before the meeting, after which an updated agenda will be distributed if needed.
Please note: every member in good standing is required to sign the attendance sheet before leaving the assembly.

The Board