Special: "Fit for everyone" Friday-Workout in english language with Ava (GESundFIT / Kursraum) am 17.03.2023

GESundFIT Studio, Erich-Ziegel-Ring 44
(Google Maps)
ab 18 Jahre
Kurs / definierter Zeitraum mit Start und Ende
Weitere Gruppenzuordnung:

If you are interested, please send an E-Mail to h.kuhnt@bramfelder-sv.net for further information and to register.

Fit for everyone (english language)

This is a complete bodyworkout for english speaking people: do you want to get stronger muscles and a better condition?  Lets get power and have fun!

We will do a warm up and then exercises: starting standing and later on the mat, sometimes with, sometimes without equipment. To the end of the class wie will do a little cooldown and stretching.

Ava is looking forward to meeting you in the gym :)

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